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Using Windows 7, Ruby version 2.2.4, tiny_tds version 1.0.0, and the targeted sql server runs in SQL Server 2012.


require 'tiny_tds'

client = TinyTds::Client.new dataserver:'serverName', database: 'databaseName'

Just an fyi, I am providing my actual serverName and databaseName in my actual code.

Running this gives the error "TinyTds::Error Exception: Read from the server failed (serverName)"

Has anyone had this issue and was able to fix it? I am assuming some issue caused by version updates of ruby and/or tiny_tds, since it was working few months back... but I am running out of ideas. My apologies ahead of time if some other pertinent info is left out of this question. I would be more than happy to provide any extra info as needed.

Thank you

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