Multiple Excel tables into RDMS

Asked at 2017-01-11 21:05:16Z
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Can't find a conclusive answer - how can I import multiple Excel tables (each on separate worksheet) into a DBMS (MS Access currently, but eventually or immediately prefer SQLite for distribution)? I've tried to normalize the tables as best as possible, but can't find a way to import more than one table at a time, and, although fields vary from table to table, many of the tables share a common field ("PlayerName", etc.) that should be imported into a single table.

1. How do I most efficiently import the tables into Access (or SQLite)?

2. Am I better importing to Access first, then porting to SQLite for future distributability?

I am proficient with VB.Net, and VBA in Excel (not Access yet), but new to DBMS in general. If I eventually want to make this a distributable desktop WinForms app (VB.Net), should I consider other methods/steps? Thanks for all of your help...

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