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I am using the latest version of the cxf-xjc-plugin (https://cxf.apache.org/cxf-xjc-plugin.html) plugin, 3.1.0. This plugin generates Java classes for the given xsd files successfully. When I run a clean on the project, the target/generated-sources/java folder is left in place. I've simplified my POM to only use this plugin and the problem persists.

Older versions of the plugin do not do this as don't other similar plugins like jaxb2-maven-plugin.

I have looked at the projects POM and I don't see the clean plugin being configured to protect these files. What else could be going on to cause this?

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Kevin Posted at 2017-01-11 19:36:20Z

What OS are you using? Could it be a permission issue where you built as root outside the ide once? I also saw this Why doesn't Maven's mvn clean ever work the first time?

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