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Asked at 2017-01-11 16:03:12Z
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I'd like to have some tools in my maven project which I can run from inside my IDE (IntelliJ in my case) but which are not packaged with the application. Pretty much just java classes with a main method, similar to the "test" source root but not meant for testing.

Is there any good lightweight method/best practice for achieving this?

An example for such a task would be to reset some test databases, regenerate certain files based on some 3rd party systems etc, so more like scripting tasks having access to the classpath/data model of the module.

Thanks in advance!

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leeyuiwah Posted at 2017-01-11 22:31:40Z

For those internal utility programs that I don't plan to distribute, I put them under test (a folder parallel to src) with its own class hierarchy that parallels the one under src. And then in my pom.xml, I just name src as the sourceDirectory. Would this work for your case?



P.S. My artifact is a war file. And I use Eclipse not Intellj-idea but for this question I think it does not matter.

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