Error logging in with Google. 12501 null

Asked at 2017-01-11 21:23:01Z
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I am switching from a Firebase Email/Password setup to a Google Sign in setup. The Email/Password setup worked fine, only now is it causing problems.

I am using FirebaseUI and am using verbatim their method for signing in with Google. I have done extensive googling and Stack Overflow research, and have double checked my SHA1 keys (both debug and release are on my Firebase), have kept my google-services.json file up to date, and I have the Google Services 3.0.0 plugin setup in my project and app gradle files.

Is their anything else that could cause an Error logging in with Google. 12501 null?

Here is the method that signs in:

                        .setProviders(Arrays.asList(new AuthUI.IdpConfig.Builder(AuthUI.EMAIL_PROVIDER).build(),
                                new AuthUI.IdpConfig.Builder(AuthUI.GOOGLE_PROVIDER).build(),
                                new AuthUI.IdpConfig.Builder(AuthUI.FACEBOOK_PROVIDER).build(),
                                new AuthUI.IdpConfig.Builder(AuthUI.TWITTER_PROVIDER).build()))

It successfully displays the login options, I can choose a Google account, but then I get the error.

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