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On one page I have an products collection Field Group which has a repeat which has the following subfields:

 Product (returns a custom post object ID)
 sku_selection (Select field that I'd like to populate with fields from a repeater on the post specified in the Product field.

On the Product post type, I have a skus repeater field which has the following subfields


I would like to populate the SKUS select field with the shadename/SKU_ID fields from the post specified in the Product Post Object field.

So far I have:

function load_product_skus($field) {
    $postID = get_field('product');

    $field['choices'] = array();

    if (have_rows('skus', $postID)) {
        while ( have_rows('skus', $postID )) {

            $value = get_sub_field('SKU_ID');
            $label = get_sub_field('shadename');

            $field['choices'][$value] = $label;

    return $field;

add_filter('acf/load_field/name=sku_selection', 'load_product_skus');

But the skus_selection field is coming back empty, and I'm guessing because I'm having trouble specifying the post ID I'd like to retrieve the fields from. Suggestions?

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